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This Yamaha ATV Manuals will show you the proper way to replace plastic water impleller on Yamaha ATV Banshee with aluminium water impellers. As everyone knows that the Yamaha ATV Banshee's stock plastic water impeller can worn out fast and easily be damaged. In some cases, this Yamaha ATV Banshee water impellers could melt. This situation will result in improper or insufficient cooling of your motor, which we all know can result in engine failure on your Yamaha ATV. With Yamaha ATV aluminum water impellers you'll get stronger and durable coolant flow for your Yamaha ATV Banshee. The installation job is simple. Check Out!!! Yamaha ATV Banshee.
Yamaha ATV - Banshee Aluminum Water Impeller Installation INTENDED: Banshee | PERFORMED ON: Banshee | DIFFICULTY: 5/10 INTRO: It's no secret that the Yamaha ATV Banshee's stock plastic water impeller can wear out fast and easily be damaged. In extreme cases they've been known to even melt. Any of these problems will result in improper or insufficient cooling of your motor, which we all know can result in engine failure. Aluminum water impellers are stronger, more durable, and can vastly improve coolant flow for the hot-headed Banshee, while also giving you piece of mind. The installation is fairly simple and should only be about a 30-minute job.

STEP ONE: After properly draining all of your Yamaha ATV transmission oil and coolant, you can start removing the coolant hose from the water pump inlet. After that is complete, start to remove all 3 of the phillips-head screws that hold the water pump cover on to the engine side case. These screws can be pretty tough to remove, so use the proper size screwdriver and take your time so you don't strip the heads. A screwdriver bit/rachet combination is recommended.

STEP TWO: Next you can remove the 5 phillips-head screws that hold the impeller housing cover of your Yamaha ATV on to the housing itself. Again, take your time removing these screws so to not strip them, and also be careful as there will still be some coolant leftover inside. You can visually inspect the stock impeller when this cover is removed. Remove the gasket and thoroughly clean the cover and waterpump sealing surfaces.

STEP THREE: Now you need to remove the kickstart lever. Start by removing the bolt that holds the lever onto the shaft, and proceed to slide the entire kickstart lever assembly off of the shaft itself. Be careful and don't damage your Yamaha ATV shaft's splines.

STEP FOUR: Remove all of the phillips-head screws from the side case. Again, a screwdriver bit and rachet are highly recommended here. Once all screws are removed, you can remove the side case itself from the engine. Watch out for any left over transmission oil that might remain inside your Yamaha ATV. Now remove the gasket, and thoroughly clean the side case and engine case sealing surfaces without damaging them.

STEP FIVE: Lay the side cover face-down so you have access to the inside of it where the white plastic gear is located on your Yamaha ATV. Very carefully remove the retaining clip from the impeller shaft. This can be done with a small flat-head screwdriver, or needle-nose pliers. Be prepared, as the clips tend to fly off. Once removed, take off the washer and white plastic gear underneath it.

STEP SIX: Now gently push the retaining pin out of the impeller shaft itself. This will come out fairly easily from your Yamaha ATV, so be sure not to lose it. If you have a magnetic tool handy, this would be a good time to use it.

STEP SEVEN: Flip the side case back over and pull the stock plastic impeller out by hand. Take your time and make sure the inside of the waterpump is clean and free of any and all debris.

STEP EIGHT: Apply a light coating of grease on all surfaces of the new aluminum water impeller, including the shaft. Gently slide the aluminum water impeller in and re-insert the retaining pin in to the impeller shaft. Re-install the white plastic gear and washer, and finally the retaining clip. With new gasket in place, fasten the cover back on to the impeller housing, and repeat with the engine side case. Install the kickstart lever assembly, along with the waterpump side case cover and coolant hose. Refill the transmission with oil and the radiator with coolant, and you are all done with your Yamaha ATV!

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